A Sharing Economy
Becomes a Giving Economy

Ann Fitzgerald President AC Fitzgerald author

Ann C. Fitzgerald, President

In recent years, there’s been enormous growth in the “sharing economy,” where consumers rent or borrow goods instead of buying or owning them. Many, but not all, of the services traded are for profit (think Airbnb or Uber), so it’s less about “sharing” in the traditional sense.

In light of the pandemic we are experiencing, and as we approach Passover and Easter, I’d like to think we could become more of a “giving” economy than just a “sharing” economy by doing the following:

  • Give to the nonprofits and religious groups you’ve always supported as their missions remain just as critical.
  • Give to small businesses that have made your life pleasant and convenient by buying their products or gift cards.
  • Give support to independent contractors (e.g., cleaning people, barbers) by paying them even though you can’t use their services now.
  • Give a shout-out to those who put themselves in harm’s way to help the sick (e.g., medical, first responders).
  • Give your time by calling and talking to a relative, an old friend or a colleague.
  • Give appreciation to people who keep working at the grocery stores and restaurants to supply us with food.
  • Give blood. Many states are suffering acute shortages.
  • Give hope and optimism to those around you, especially the young people in your families.
  • Give your prayers to those who are sick, who will be sick, who will die—and their families.

Finally, give thanks to be living in the greatest country on earth that will transcend this current challenge through hard work, innovation and sacrifice.

Ann C. Fitzgerald is Founder and President of AC Fitzgerald, using her decades of experience in fundraising, management, leadership, and sales to help nonprofits build their capacity and achieve success. She is a sought-after speaker, writer, and advisor.

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