Decoding Your Digital Presence

Samantha Audia, Client Relations Manager

Do you have an effective social media presence? Check out these simple steps to build your nonprofit’s digital strategy.

Operating on tight timelines and scarce resources can make it a tough sell for nonprofit leaders to invest time, manpower, and money into social media. However, social media gives nonprofits an unprecedented opportunity to showcase success, interact with natural partners, and build a force of intergenerational advocates for their mission.

Whether you’re designing your nonprofit’s first social profile, looking to resurrect accounts that have fallen to the wayside, or ready to build on the buzz that your thriving accounts have already created, these six steps will set you on the right path:

1) Less is More

Identify which networks best fit your programming and target audience, and use them well. There are hundreds of social media platforms, and this is a classic case of quality over quantity.

Likely, one person – and that could be you — manages your organization’s social media accounts, and it’s not even their full-time job. Rather than overextending with several underutilized accounts, focus on maximizing two or three sites that are likely to drive the greatest amount of traffic.

2) Complementary Content

Whether you have 2 or 20 social media accounts, your brand should be universal throughout each of them. Someone discovering your organization for the first time should receive the same impression of your nonprofit, regardless of the platform on which they encounter it.

3) Find a Central Command

Navigating between windows to post your content can literally become a full-time job. However, there are many tools you can use to post content on different platforms at once, plan posts weeks in advance, and monitor engagement between accounts.

These platforms are available at a wide range of budgets (yes, some are free!). Check out this overview of social management platforms, and choose one that works best for your needs.

4) Don’t Disappear

Nonprofits, especially those lacking in capacity, tend to make the mistake of using their social media accounts only a few times a year.

In short – it’s better to avoid social media altogether, than to open accounts that you treat as an afterthought. Remember: you don’t have to write daily essays in order to amass sharable content. Work with your programming team to share content you already have, like blogs, press releases, or speaking engagements.

5) Accessibility is Key

Building an audience of supporters and advocates starts with making your accounts easy to locate. Ask your webmaster about integrating your accounts with your website, e-mails, event pages, and donation landing page.

6) Cultivate Ambassadors Like You’d Cultivate Donors

Engaging influencers on social media is integral to amplifying your message, and energizing populations that you may not ordinarily reach. Although supportive members of the media or “VIP” leaders in your field are gold mines because of their large following, advocates with smaller networks can combine to form a powerful group as well.

Once you identify these ambassadors, create a strategy to cultivate their interest in your nonprofit. With these influencers amplifying your content, the digital buzz around your mission can grow exponentially.

Involvement with social networking continues to grow on an intergenerational basis. Individuals get their news, communicate with friends, and share ideas on a variety of social platforms – if you want your mission to stay relevant, you have to get there too. Whether you’re building your first account or have a sophisticated digital media shop, follow these basic steps and ensure that your nonprofit is maximizing its digital presence!

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