ACF 200 POINT Let us help you uncover hidden
challenges, and unleash opportunities
for your nonprofit.
LEVEL OF GROWTH Improve decision-making with
an ACF 200-point fundraising audit
and fast forward your fundraising.

Focus on the big plays.

All fundraising efforts are not equal. With our comprehensive 200-point fundraising audit, you’ll gain the ability to recognize, and then capitalize on, the most meaningful growth opportunities for your nonprofit.

We’ll help you remove the guesswork by providing a disciplined process that uses a strategic mix of qualitative and quantitative data analysis to evaluate the financial factors, staffing, resources, and business systems within your fundraising team.

You’ll end up with actionable tools to improve decision-making and an ability to focus your fundraising team on the strategies that will make highest-value impact for your organization.

As we coach you through every step, you’ll be empowered to make the transformative changes to fast forward your fundraising.

Is an audit right for your organization?
ACF Audits help nonprofits that:

Have reached a plateau in their fundraising
Need to raise more money from existing donors
Need to mobilize their boards to secure larger gifts
Need to sharpen their positioning to attract new donors
Must increase the capacity of their fundraising teams—without hiring new people
Must increase efficiency within the organization
Want facts, figures, and a comprehensive plan of action—not lofty goals

Testimonial horizontal AC Fitzgerald taught us how to break up
development into component parts and
how the parts should work together…
The audit was a transformative experience.
It gave us the clarity and focus for what we
vaguely knew we should be doing.
Testimonial horizontal We were thrilled with the comprehensive
fundraising audit performed by ACF.
It gave us new insights into our business
model as well as strong strategic guidance
to achieve growth.

ACF Fundraising Audit Methodology

Our proven approach begins with an extremely deep dive into every aspect of your fundraising operation—from your fundraising programs, to donor stewardship, to your systems and processes—everything that could impact your opportunity to increase your revenue and grow your market share.

Comprehensive review of your history, challenges, competitive landscape, and goals.

We will conduct a series of candid conversations with leadership to understand the specific needs of your organization, funding sources, activities, successes, and challenges. We use our experience with hundreds of nonprofits to guide the process, ask the right questions, and uncover the nuances in your organization.

200-point analysis and evaluation of your financial factors, staffing, resources, systems, and funding opportunities.

We will request quantitative data, including your fundraising results, donor acquisition, systems, communications, and more, in order to perform a true data analysis of your organization’s trends, challenges, and obstacles. The goal is to remove “gut instincts” and “guesswork” and sharpen your efforts with fact-based results.

Interviews with key staff and leadership to understand your culture, history, and case for support.

Armed with questions based on anomalies we identified in our quantitative analysis, we meet for one-on-one in-depth interviews with your leadership, staff, and potentially even some board members. This step provides clarification on your specific issues, history, and objectives, and enables us to identify hidden opportunities.

Detailed report including a clear assessment of issues, critical opportunities and obstacles, and actionable recommendations.

Our ACF Fundraising Audit report does more than present the facts, opportunities, and obstacles facing your organization. We provide a clear path for you to follow to take your organization’s fundraising capacity to the next level.

In-depth discussion of your audit report and specific steps to achieve your fundraising goals.

With the results of your 200-point audit in hand, we engage you and your team in a detailed presentation of the results to generate discussion and help clarify recommendations. An executive summary will note the most significant recommendations that can change the trajectory of your fundraising growth.

Using a disciplined 200-point fundraising audit, we provide the data you need on all aspects of your organization’s fundraising operation—to find the low-hanging fruit, identify the high-impact strategies, and provide an action plan to fast forward your fundraising.

Anatomy of an ACF Nonprofit Fundraising Audit

Our comprehensive audit will examine all aspects of your fundraising operation, including:




Management and Programs

Fundraising Programs





With more funding, what could your nonprofit achieve?

ACF Nonprofit Partner: Tips and information on how fundraising audits can lift nonprofits to new heights

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