MAXIMIZE EFFORTS AND Let us help teach, train, and lead your
fundraising team to new heights.
LONG-TERM IMPACT ACF brings customized training and tools
to keep your team's efforts focused and strong.

Proven training to maximize
your team’s potential

The key to a nonprofit’s success is to do more with what you have.

Our one-on-one and group training is proven to maximize your staff’s potential, support improved fundraising operations, make development teams more effective, and build an actionable pathway to increased capacity.

With training and development at the core, we provide the guidance, tools, and encouragement to make a sustainable difference. We’ll teach, train, and lead your team to pinpoint strategic opportunities, cultivate new relationships, inspire and engage donors, evaluate your overall investment, and provide guidance for budgeting—so you can build a culture of philanthropy that can transform your fundraising team.

Is your development team focused on the tasks that offer the highest value to your organization?

ACF team training experts help nonprofits:

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of an existing team
Build a culture of philanthropy
Stay focused on the right fundraising tasks
Write grant proposals that secure larger gifts
Learn effective ways to secure donor meetings
Improve time management
Set goals and measure progress
"Doing something unimportant well does not make it important."
Timothy Ferriss

ACF Training Topics of Nonprofit Organizations

We help you make the most of your personnel resources through our one-on-one or group training services.

Asking for the Gift

We train staff on how to conduct prospect research, secure and prepare for a donor or prospect meeting, apply moves management techniques, and successfully ask for gifts.

Foundations and Corporations

We teach nonprofits how to identify foundation and corporate partners, cultivate relationships, and secure grants. Our proprietary database and deep expertise help accelerate knowledge building and give your team a competitive edge.

Board Training

Build a better, more engaged board of directors through our facilitated training, assessments and surveys. We help turn lackluster board members into highly involved ambassadors for your organization’s mission.

Create a Culture of Philanthropy

Learn how to foster a donor-centric environment in your office by connecting the entire team to the donors that support your work. Our training helps create new productive partnerships between development and program staff.

Institute Nonprofit Best Practices

We bring knowledge of the latest nonprofit best practices and trends to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, safeguard donor data, and establish performance markers.

Execute a Development Plan

Our training helps nonprofits leverage the skills and talents of their team members by creating structure and focus in the development office. We help everyone from the CEO on down focus on high-value activity that accelerates growth.

Testimonial horizontal Working with ACF has been like earning
a master’s degree in development--
I've learned so much!
Testimonial horizontal ACF helped us develop a fundraising plan
that produced increased revenue and
put us on a solid foundation for more

Let our ACF fundraising training elevate your team and impact your fundraising results.

ACF Nonprofit Partner: Tips and information on team training that you can use today.

  • 7 Ways to Build Stronger Relationships with Donors

    Be consistent with your communication. Have a plan in place to connect with each donor and stick to it! Listen. Make sure that when you meet, the donor does most of the talking! Listen carefully and summarize their thoughts back to them. Make notes. Update their file in the database.

    June 1, 2018 in Communication
  • A Major Gifts Mentality Part 1: The Team

    Raising major gifts to build your nonprofit requires a team, a plan, and great execution. Above all, it requires a major gifts mentality that makes everyone focus on the interests and motivations of the donor, not solely on the needs of the organization.

    February 24, 2017 in Major Gifts
  • Prepare Your Next New Board Member

    The value of building a strong, engaged nonprofit board of directors cannot be understated. This governing body provides guidance, oversight and financial resources. It builds your group’s visibility and credibility among key constituencies, and it ensures compliance in legal and financial matters.

    January 30, 2015 in Board