To the Moon and Back:
What Your Organization Can Learn
from the 50th Anniversary
of the Moon Landing

David Kulivan Senior Consultant AC Fitzgerald Author

David Kulivan, Senior Consultant

When President John F. Kennedy gave his famous “We Choose to Go to the Moon” speech in 1962, he sought to rally the American people’s support for the Apollo program and unify them around a shared dream.

Now, 50 years after Kennedy’s vision became reality, what can your fundraising program learn from this historic accomplishment? Which elements of President Kennedy’s vision can improve your fundraising messaging?

If you listen to the speech, you might notice that it was…

  • Bold: The president laid out an aggressive goal that beckoned to be reached.
  • Impactful: And this impact could be demonstrated.
  • Urgent: The Russians had successfully launched cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space the year before.
  • Deadline-driven: The president gave America until the end of the decade.

President Kennedy’s message drew from our collective American vision of explorers and pioneers. It invited us to be part of a bold journey, even if we were never going to leave our living rooms. And it united people through a common goal, though initially, most Americans opposed it.

Fundraising success will elude you without a compelling story. Your organization’s goal may not be to send your executive director into low-earth orbit, but you can still frame your appeals around bold, impactful messaging that connects donors around a shared vision. Reach for the stars!

David Kulivan serves as Senior Consultant at AC Fitzgerald. He uses his expertise in development strategy, relationship management, and corporate partnerships to fast-track his clients toward success.

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