Getting to the next level of foundation funding

AC Fitzgerald Getting to the next level of foundation funding


Our nonprofit client knew that it had vision, programs and impact. But it didn’t know how to secure grants from foundation funders to maintain and expand its work. It had already spent many hours doing research and mailing letters with no results.


AC Fitzgerald started by crafting a compelling case for support that highlighted the group’s unique mission and competitive advantages. Our research team identified a targeted list of foundation prospects with compatible missions and giving interests. ACF’s consultants worked closely with the nonprofit’s staff, coaching them in how best to build relationships and communicate with foundations. Finally, we prepared engaging, tailored funding proposals to demonstrate the significance of their work. Within the first year, ACF helped the organization secure three major grants totaling over five times the cost of the consultancy. In year two, ACF’s work resulted in new six-figure grants.

Fundraising. Fast Forward.

By accessing our proprietary research, coaching their staff in building relationships, and crafting proposals that told a compelling story, ACF increased dramatically our client’s revenue from foundations. Moreover, the nonprofit is becoming better known for its singular and valuable work leading to new global partnerships.

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